158 Cours Fauriel,
42023 Saint-Étienne

Research Activities

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Present Research Interests

Nowaday, I am in the Healthcare Engineering department (I4S) at the Centre for Biomedical and Healthcare Engineering (CIS).

My present research interests are around the following topics: 

  • Graph algorithms and theory
  • Optimization algorithms on massive databases
  • Optimization algorithms on little data exchange

I work as research-engineer with:

  • Xiaolan XIE (senior professor at École des Mines Saint-Étienne)
  • Vincent AUGUSTO (professor at École des Mines Saint-Étienne)
  • Thierry GARAIX (assistant professor at École des Mines Saint-Étienne)
Past/Secondary interests

I was also member of the research project TODO: Time versus Optimization in Discrete Optimization (funded by the French ANR 2009-2012).

Past (or secondary) interests/projects:

  • Approximation algorithms (worst case analysis and experimental analysis)
  • Discrete optimization
  • Random algorithms
  • Vehicule Routing Problem with various constraints: Time windows and Backhauls.

I have work with:


See this page (not always up to date): Publications.